Bespoke Waders/Made to Measure Waders

Bespoke Waders/Made to Measure Waders

Bespoke/Made to Measure Waders have become a popular service from Ollyskins for our taller, shorter, thinner and wider customers.

The PVC Waders are made in our European production facilities and the Neoprene Waders are made in our UK facilities in East Yorkshire.

If you have any member of your Team or personally require Waders with a bit more height, width or inside leg, please do get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Regarding the title of this post we will post another article shortly regarding which of the above we should use to describe this service. Those of you that have ordered from us in the past and have no doubt had more experience in the difference between Bespoke and Made to Measure may have a view on which is techically correct for the service we offer.