Chest Wader Sizing

Choosing the right size Waders for Comfort and Safety

It's important to ensure a good fit with your new waders for maximum comfort and also for safety in water.

At Ollyskins we've taken time to carefully study our sizing from a wide number of users to ensure the best fit possible.

IMPORTANT: Measurements are 'to-fit' - this means that we have already taken into account the tolerances needed in the garment, so simply measure yourself and check against the chart.

You also need to consider that Waders are designed to be generous in size, as they are usually worn over other items of clothing. Our boots come from reputable producers and are regarded as offering accurate sizing. You should consider when choosing Wellingtons whether you wear thick socks or boot liners - if so, we recommend moving up a size. Please note - not all waders are available in all sizes shown here. If in doubt, you can contact us using the chat option below.

Ollyskins Wader Size Chart

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