Polyurethane Wellingtons versus PVC Wellingtons

Thermal Insulation Properties of Polyurethane

It is a well established fact that Polyurethane Wellingtons offer significantly better performance when compared with PVC Wellingtons. These properties include:

  • Excellent Thermal Insulation Properties.
  • Remain flexible in low temperatures.
  • Physically lighter in weight.
  • Superior resistance to Chemicals, Fats, Greases and Oils.
  • Advanced Slip Resistance where TPU inserts are used.

Do Polyurethane Wellingtons keep your feet warm?

We state on our website here that our Polyurethane Wellingtons offer Thermal Insulation properties down to Minus 20 degrees Celcius.

Thermal Insulation #1 is the ability of a material to reduce heat transfer - in the case of Wellingtons, this can be the ability to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter - and Polyurethane is an excellent material to do this. In addition to being used extensively by many manufacturers of Wellingtons, you'll also find it used for insulation in building materials, pipes and many areas around you every day. #2

The air bubble structure of the Polyurethane (PU) is the vital component of the Wellingtons that allow air transfer, keeping your feet warm and prevent cold air in the winter and avoid accumalation of hot air in the summer.

Are Polyurethane Wellingtons better in low temperatures?

Due to this same air bubble structure and the advanced materials used, our Polyurethane Wellingtons also remain flexible at low temperatures, even at minus 30 degrees celcius. As such they are often used in the Food Industry where staff are often required to work in and out of cold storage areas.

PVC Wellingtons in comparison will become stiff to wear and eventually crack when worn in low temperature conditions.

Are the Ollyskins Polyurethane Wellingtons lined?

No, our Polyurethane Wellingtons are not lined with fleece or neoprene etc. Instead we offer additional liners that can be worn in your footwear as required, and removed on warmer days and these are available HERE.

Are Polyurethane Wellingtons hygienic to wear?

Yes, the same air bubble structure allows continuous air transfer within the Wellington and prevents the buildup of moisture and bacteria that will ultimately impact foot health.

Further information regarding Polyurethane Wellingtons to follow.


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#2 TPM Insulation on the uses of Polyurethane in society.
If you enjoy reading long articles and research documents about footwear, this is an in-depth study regarding Footwear for Cold Environments HERE