Ladies Waders

Ollyskins produce a dedicated Ladies Chest Wader with smaller size Wellingtons and an improved and smaller fit. Check the size chart for height, chest and inside leg measurements to ensure an optimum fit. Please Note: The PETITE models are for the shorter women approx. 5'1" - 5'4".

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Kate Rivers Ollyskins Ladies Chest Waders

Ollyskins 2788 XT700 PETITE LADIES PVC Carp Angling Wader (Boot Sizes 4, 5, 6, Petite Upper)

Premium 2788 PVC Chest Angling Wader designed for Shorter Women. Professional 2788 PVC Chest Waders in smaller fit and smaller boot sizes. Produced in the robust XT700 fabric with high frequency welded seams, orange elastic...
Ollyskins 2788-LADIES PVC Premium Angling Chest Waders

Ollyskins 2788 XT700 LADIES PVC Carp Angling Chest Waders (Boot Sizes 4, 5, 6, Medium Upper)

Premium 2788 PVC Ladies Chest Waders designed specifically for Women with smaller boot sizes. PVC Ladies Chest Waders designed specially for women with shorter leg and waist measurements and smaller boot...