Electrofishing Ollyskins Waders

Use of Waders in Electrofishing Surveys

We are sometimes asked whether our Waders are suitable for use in electrofishing surveys and here is a copy of what one client asked and our response.


"Are the waders suitable for carrying out out electrofishing surveys, whereby a small electric current is applied to the river (which the person in the waders will be stood in)."

On our request for some more information, we received:

"The main thing is that the wearer’s skin does not come into contact with anything that can conduct electricity. So any metal within the sole of the boot must be completely enclosed by the rubber, and not come into contact with the wearer’s foot?

Our response:

"The 2 metal parts in a Safety Wellington are the midsole and the toecap, both of which are fully enclosed within the moulding of the boot. If the wellington is a non-safety wellington then this is not an issue at all".


If any of our clients can help us identify any relevant standards, we can further clarify should it be required but in our opinion Ollyskins Waders are suitable for use in electrofishing surveys.

Useful Links and Image Credits

Image courtesy of: https://www.gwct.org.uk/fishing/advice/electro-fishing/