Puncture Resistant Waders – Ollyskins 2828 BULLY Chest Waders

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Puncture Resistant Waders – Ollyskins 2828 BULLY Chest Waders
Industrial Wading

Stay safe and protected with premium Puncture Resistant Waders

Working in water and suffering the consequence of leaking Waders is far from an ideal scenario especially during the cold months of the year.

Feedback from our customers tells us that too many companies including Civil and Marine Engineers, Surveyors, Environmental Contractors and River Workers are often using leisure Angling Waders for working  scenarios that demand better Waders.

A history of Quality Waders

With a history of producing premium working garments, Ollyskins are on an ongoing mission to provide Chest Waders and Thigh Waders that offer the maximum in Puncture Resistance and the maximum comfort and performance for your team.

Buy cheap, buy twice is the well-known moto and Waders are certainly no exception. Lighter fabrics are easily punctured and torn, and ill-fitting Waders with excess fabric around the wearer contributes quickly to this.

Why are Ollyskins Waders more Puncture Resistant?

Waders are typically produced using a polyester backed PVC, and the Ollyskins 2828 BULLY Wader features the same fabric construction but with a substantially thicker PVC coating on a very tough polyester backing for maximum puncture resistance.

Combined with a reinforced knee protection patch for additional protection when kneeling, the BULLY Wader is our most popular Chest Wader for companies who wish to move from a basic Wader to something more substantial.

Are there other benefits of more Puncture Resistant Waders?

Protection from contaminated water

One thing for sure is that when working in rivers, dykes and flood waters, the quality of the water is often unknown. Over recent years we have witnessed an increase in flooding within our communities that have often caused drainage overspill resulting in contaminated water.

Increase the puncture resistance of your waders and decrease the risk of contamination to you and your Team.

Ease of repairing

Lightweight fabrics such as Nylon are very easily torn once a small hole is made and large damaged areas are harder to repair. The tough PVC fabric of the Ollyskins 2828 BULLY Chest Wader easily supports repair patches and repair adhesive.

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Buy Ollyskins 2828 BULLY Chest Wader here, and look out for the revised 2880 Double Layered TOUGH Chest Wader available early 2023.