Wader Options


Best suited for deeper waters, Fly Fishing, Carp Fishing

Chest Waders are a one-piece wader that extend to the chest area for maximum protection. Some models in the Ollyskins range have an adjustment on the waist to enable a closer fit. Shoulder straps manufactured in elastic webbing provide the support needed and a plastic bracket at the rear allows further adjustment of this webbing for comfort. An internal chest pocket is provided on Ollyskins chest waders as a useful place for storage of bait or phone.


Additional protection above the traditional wellington

These are a two-piece wader – essentially a wellington boot with extended legs – and rely on support by a strap that connects to the wearer’s belt. The tapered leg design allows for protection to the highest point on the outside of the leg whilst ensuring that excess fabric does not accumulate in the crotch area and cause discomfort.


PVC, PU, Neoprene, Nylon or Breathable - choose the best for you

Fabrics used for Ollyskins Waders are varied according to the price point of the product and the intended end use. PVC is traditionally a good all-round protective fabric although fabrics such as Neoprene, Nylon and Rubber have uses for particular trades and sports. Fabrics can either offer Protective features or Comfort features or a combination of both. For further details on the fabrics Ollyskins use, refer to our Fabrics Page.


Safety or Non-Safety Wellingtons

The majority of waders are fitted with Wellington Boots as standard and the quality of these is critical as this is one of the main areas of comfort. Ollyskins use quality footwear from reputable manufacturers and include in the range wellingtons from the Dunlop brand. They can be Safety with Midsole (S5), Safety without Midsole (S4) or Non-Safety (NS). The sole units can offer additional features such as Studs for extra grip, Anti-Slip, Oil Resistance, Anti-Static, protection from Cold and Impact Absorption.


Constant product development to ensure we lead

Ollyskins are always developing new ways to ensure protection in their waders. We can manufacturer Waders to your precise specification using alternative fabrics and footwear, reflective trims and even sizing. For further details, please send in your enquiry to sales@ollyskins.com.