Quality Policy | KAT Europe Ltd

Quality Policy

KAT Europe Ltd is committed to ensuring the quality of our products always meets the requirements of our customers. Our business goal is to always provide high quality products in which we are committed to by maintaining a quality management system.

KAT Europe supplies a range of safety workwear that fully comply with the standards and regulations that relate to these products or materials. Where appropriate we will maintain up to date technical files along with documentation that ensure the product complies with regulations. These technical files are current and will remain up to date. Where relevant we also acquire the correct certification needed for the safety standards of the product. This Quality Policy is communicated to all employees or people working for or on behalf of the company.

We strive to provide our customers with products that not only meet their standards but exceed them also. We have the established the following Quality Management System in place to allow us to measure and improve on our performance:

  • regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback
  • a customer complaints procedure along with a review of these
  • training and development for our employees
  • a thorough design and prototyping process of all our products
  • field trials measuring product performance and quality
  • production taking place in European factory for assured quality control
  • Commitment to increase the quality of our products in order to completely satisfy customers expectations.
  • Careful assessment of suppliers used
  • Researching, tracking and undertaking new technologies to ensure the very best products
Each of these points are reviewed for each product allowing the complete service to our customers. Within this policy we are committed to operating under the control of a Quality Management System standard of 1S0 9001.