Meet the 2788 Premium Fishing Waders

International Bestseller - the 2788 Chest Wader

Reinforced Knees, Heavyweight Fabric, High Frequency Sealed Seams The 2788 Premium Fishing Wader from Ollyskins has become a 'Best Seller' and features a bunch of features found in other premium brand products but with a competitive pricepoint. Manufactured in XT700 - a robust 670gms PVC fabric - and boasting reinforced knees and orange braces you can trust in this Chest Wader for your next fishing event.

They performed amazingly...

Recently tested by passionate Angler and Photographer Sean Payne these Waders received excellent feedback in harsh conditions. Sean is working on projects with well known fishing names including Korda and Embryo and was the perfect contact for Ollyskins to network with to share the success of this product. You can read more about him on his website at S.D.P Angling Photography. Instock and Ready for Dispatch.


"I’d like to comment how good these Ollyskins Chest Waders are as I was pretty much living in them for a full week! All the swims had sharp stones and seriously muddy banks and they performed amazingly". Sean Payne SDP Angling Photography
"Thanks to Ollyskins - arrived ontime, very pleased at generous sizing. Would highly recomend". Chris Jackson Angler

101% WATERPROOF PROTECTION Well almost. But we're passionate about Quality.