Ollyskins Brochure Downloads

Ollyskins Brochure Downloads

Download your brochure from Ollyskins brochures as PDF's - a great way to share to other members of your Team and to read about the Features and Benefits of Ollyskins products.

Master Brochure Flipbook

View the entire Ollyskins product range in this online Flipbook.


Ollyskins Neoprene Waders Brochure

Professional Chest Waders by Ollyskins, designed and made in the UK and featuring 5mm Neoprene in single colour or Two-Tone designs.


Ollyskins Carping 2022 Angling Brochure

Download the Carping 2022 Angling Brochure featuring the ever popular 2788 Chest Wader and other core Ollyskins products. Available free of charge for Stockist of the Ollyskins 2788 Chest Waders.


Ollyskins Industrial 2022 Brochure

Unrivalled Safety Toecap Chest Waders from Ollyskins in PVC and Neoprene and featuring S5 Safety Toecap and Midsole protection.


Ollyskins Neoarms Brochure

Download the flyer on these unqiue armlets finding their home in Industry, Tradesmen and Medical secors for protecting the lower arm against abrasion and fluids.


Customer Feedback

Ollyskins Waders have proven to last longer and receive better wearer feedback than any other Waders we have previously been using. From the comfort of the Boots, fit of the upper body section and the durability of the fabrics, Ollyskins are the only choice for us moving forward.

Civils & Drainage Contractor, South West UK.