Angling Thigh Waders

Lightweight yet tear resistant materials are used for the Ollyskins Angling Thigh Waders that need to be used occasionally and folded up into a small space for easy transportation. Great for Anglers where a range of equipment has to be taken to the bankside and space is at a premium.

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Ollyskins 2916 5mm Neoprene S5 Safety Thigh Wader

Ollyskins 2908 5mm Neoprene 'Vibram' Angling Thigh Wader

£166.54 GBP
2908 Neoprene Thigh Wader featuring 5mm Neoprene and Abrasion Resistant Knees.  Produced in the UK, these Neoprene Thigh Wader feature 5mm Neoprene with Abrasion Resistant Knees for maximum durability. Features...