Ollyskins at the Lincolnshire Show

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Ollyskins at the Lincolnshire Show
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Ollyskins (Olly Skins) – Leading Manufacturer of Waterproof Protective Garments

Ollyskins (or Olly Skins, OllySkins and Oilyskins as we are often called), a leading manufacturer of waterproof protective garments, has attended The Lincolnshire Show for Agriculture in previous years at the Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln, UK.

The featured image on this Blog Post was our stand in 2016, designed by Jim Turner of Woodside Fusion.

As a company dedicated to developing Waterproof Clothing, the Lincolnshire Show, which mainly promotes developments in the Agricultural industry was the perfect opportunity for Ollyskins to showcase their products along with their latest innovations.

Ollyskins Products at the Lincolnshire Show

Ollyskins develops products targeting not only the agricultural industry but also the food, fishing, civil & maritime engineering, councils & authorities and had a variety of products on display at the event.

Core products include garments produced using heavy duty PVC coated fabrics - inspired by the traditional oilskins used by fishermen during the earlier days. These products are extremely durable and water resistant. They also offer flexibility down to low temperatures and possesses extreme water, chemical, oil and acid resistance. New items included seamless baselayer garments produced with a Silver Treatment that combats odour and protects the body from unstable temperature while giving the wearer comfort and flexibility.

The Event

Owned by the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, the 270-acre Lincolnshire Showground was formed way back in 1869. Their main objective, according to their website, is “The furtherance, welfare, and progress of the Agricultural Industry and all professions, trades, and crafts connected therewith”. With additional focus added in 2005 which is the “sustainability and protection of our natural environment for the benefit of future generations”. This is the largest agricultural show offering promotional opportunities for businesses and organizations alike such as Ollyskins. The event attracts 60,000 visitors from different places of which 41% are under 35 years of age and 4000 of them are students. They claim that visitors spend about £82 on average on food and gifts! That's a fair figure as an average!