Chainsaw Boot Waders for Aborists

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Chainsaw Boot Waders for Aborists

Developing the perfect Chainsaw Boot Waders

Wearing chainsaw trousers with Waders has been a challenge for many years, with limited options available for wearers.

Flyfishing Stockingfoot Waders

Many wearers would purchase a standard Flyfishing Stockingfoot Wader so that they can continue to wear their usual Chainsaw Boots. The issue with this solution is that this type of Wader is:

  1. Constructed from a breathable type of material that is not designed for industrial use and is easily damaged by tearing or puncturing.
  2. The fit of the Wader is not designed to take the extra thickness of a Chainsaw Trouser.
  3. Stockingfoot Waders are also relatively expensive to purchase so the solution was often not cost effective.

Rubber Chainsaw Waders

Some Waders have been available with Rubber uppers, vulcanized to the Chainsaw Boots. Whilst tough, there were limited sizes and the product was heavy to wear - especially the Chest Wader version. These Waders have also become increasing difficult to purchase.

The Ollyskins Chainsaw Boot Waders Solution

By listening to our customers, we have developed various Wader options for use with Chainsaw Boots and ensured that the fit is sufficient to take a Class 1 Chainsaw Trouser (lined all the way round).

  1. Neoprene Uppers with Chainsaw Wellingtons

Neoprene is an extremely thermal material, and we use a 5mm neoprene upper bonded to the Chainsaw Wellington.

  1. Butyl Trilaminate Uppers with Chainsaw Wellingtons

This is a thinner material, particularly good for summer use, but still part of our Professional Range, being extremely durable and puncture resistant. The fabric is used in Diving Suits the world over and is a perfect fabric for use in Waders.

  1. Butyl Trilaminate Uppers with Stockingfoot

With direct feedback from Wessex Rivers Trust Ollyskins has developed a Stockingfoot version of the Butyl Trilaminate Waders which will allow them to wear their usual Chainsaw Boots (not Wellingtons) with Ollyskins Waders. The Stockingfoot versions feature:

  • 4mm neoprene specially adapted to fit a typical a high leg Chainsaw Boot
  • Pattern cut for optimal size around the lower leg to maximise the space when folding your Chainsaw Trousers into your boots (particularly for Wellingtons)
  • Available in 3 different sock sizes.

This Wader is available as either model 5870 Chest Wader or 5652 Orange Thigh Wader.


The Thigh Wader is one size across all foot sizes. The Chest Waders are available in any size from our pattern block – a choice of 50 sizes and combinations of upper body fit and inside leg/height.

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