History of Ollyskins 'Oilskins'


From Traditional Waxed Cloth Oilskins to Synthetic Fabrics

Keeping you warm and dry in Work or Leisure activities

A lot has changed since Le Roy* (read more below) first waxed his sails and created his first Oilskins. For starters, there's nothing oily about our Waders and Waterproof Clothing. We've replaced the thick, stinky layers of grease with revolutionary synthetic materials such as PVC and polyurethane. Plastics have excellent properties for toughness and are significantly lighter, warmer and stretchier than traditional oilskins. But we like to think many of the principles are the same. Now as then, extreme weather clothing needs to be durable, waterproof and - most of all - easy on the skin. Our ultra-modern selection of PVC Chest Waders, PVC Thigh Waders and Safety Waders offer extreme breathability and flexibility down to low temperatures and outstanding resistance against water, chemicals, oils and acids. Paired with a quality thermal base, they are guaranteed to keep you safe and warm throughout the day.



101% Waterproof Protection & Attention to Detail

101%? Maybe no such thing, but we hope it conveys our commitment to Heavy Duty Waterproof Garments (Oilskins). Inspired by the great oilskin traditions of the old-time seafarers, our name embodies the brute strength and hardiness of life at the extremes. We know that to produce a range with the name "Ollyskins", the garments must be capable of withstanding all the ferocity the elements can throw at them. That's why our ultra-modern oilskins are manufactured exclusively in Europe to our exacting standards. Every nook, every component, every detail - it's all designed in house to ensure an excellent wearer experience. We don't copy the crowd. And we certainly don't re-badge cheap imports from the Far East. From zips to buckles, stitch strength to seam design, we analyse and source every component so you can work in your modern day Oilskins free from the elements. Our range of Hi-Viz Waders are so technically and ergonomically superior they have a European Design registration on them.

"Oilskins and a sou'wester. Barnacles in the pockets and salt encrusting the veins."

Superior waterproof protective garments. Inspired by history. Built for the extremes.about-us-image.jpg


Like many pieces of outerwear, the Oilskin was born out of necessity. Life was tough for those on board ship. Every day, sailors pitted themselves against the havoc and the fury of the high seas. In the early 19th century, sailors began to smear themselves with oil for protection against the extremes. It wasn't truly waterproof but it kept them dry, after a fashion. *Until one day, a young Scottish sailor, Edward Le Roy, discovered better. Painting worn-out sail canvas with linseed oil and tar, he recycled the fabric as outerwear. The new garments became so waterproof they could withstand even the harshest of on-deck weather conditions. And so, the Oilskin was born.

Where did the name Ollyskins come from?

In the days of Oilskins, the fishermen would be heard to say 'have you got your Olly's' and we thought it appropriate to brand this range of Heavy Duty Waterproof Clothing 'Ollyskins' in memory of the original Oilskins!

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Ultimate comfort in the foulest conditions. It's a story etched into our identity. Coupled with innovative design and exacting production, you can be assured of world class protection, whatever the weather. Ollyskins - your best choice of Waterproof Protective Garments.