B2B Business Customers

Councils, MOD, Government Bodies and Larger Organizations

Visit www.b2b.ollyskins.com

We'd like to make it easy to purchase Ollyskins Heavy Duty Waterproof Clothing, so our Business Customers can be assured you can:

  • Place your order online.
  • Pay by card, bank transfer or Trade Account (if pre-approved).
  • Add a Purchase Order number at point of order.
  • Access a detailed VAT invoice after completion of the sale.
  • View previous orders.
  • Allow multiple users under one Master Account (October 2022).
  • Received discounted prices.
  • View additional products.

Once assigned in our system as a B2B customer, you can log in to our B2B website for access to additional pages, products and services. 


  • A business VAT number.
  • Minimum order of £50.00.

Normal shipping charges apply to orders under £150.00.

Please Note: Your account will be set upin your preferred default currency.

Government Departments

For pre-approved accounts or Government Bodies or Agencies we can also issue a invoice either Pro-Forma or with agreed payment terms.

Just contact us on:

- Phone: +44 (0)1430 411388
- Email: sales@ollyskins.com
- Chat: Use the Chat icon on this website for fast response

How to Start

As a start, you will need to create an Account on this website HERE.