Why choose the Ollyskins Brand?

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Why choose the Ollyskins Brand?
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High Quality Waterproof Clothing

We’re often asked how our garments compare alongside other brands in the market such as Ocean, Elka, Dunlop or VASS Waders.‎ The Ollyskins Brand is enjoying a growing reputation for High Quality Waterproof Clothing with a particular emphasis on the Chest Waders we produce for Fishing and Industrial workers using PVC and Neoprene.

Choosing the best fabrics for Durable Waders

Ollyskins Waders are produced using PVC and Neoprene which both have unique properties. We use a selection of different PVC fabric weights in the Waders ranging from 670gms to over 1100gms on the Industrial Range. And the majority of the Neoprene Waders are made using a 5mm Neoprene for the ultimate in warmth.

Fabrics are typically measured in weight per square metre of fabric, and in the case of PVC fabrics, the heavier the fabric, the thicker the PVC coating, the more resistant it is to puncturing.

The Ollyskins 2788 entry level Angling Chest Wader uses the XT700 670gms fabric which is slightly heavier than the standard VASS Wader which is around 600gms and other brands that use even lighter PVC fabrics down to 500gms. For the Ollyskins Industrial Waders, we use even heavier fabrics such as Model 2828 BULLY which features the XT1000 1000gms fabric which is more suited to Industrial applications where puncture and tears are more likely to occur.

It’s all in the Detail

The owners of Ollyskins have been manufacturing High End Technical Workwear for almost 20 years, designing and manufacturing garments based on user feedback and creating each item beginning with a pattern for optimum fit.

We then ensure that each aspect including fabric, components, webbing and footwear has been carefully considered to ensure performance, comfort and longevity. At Ollyskins, we operate a policy of continuous improvement based on valued feedback from our customers. All replaceable components are available for purchase separately should any part break or wear out. We even stock fabric swatches and adhesives for any repairs you may need to make should your garment become damaged.

The Verdict - Ocean, Dunlop, Elka, Vass Waders or Ollyskins?

So are Ollyskins garments similar to Ocean, Dunlop, Elka, VASS Waders and others? Perhaps ‘Similar’ but in our view ‘Substantially Different’. Just remember – next time you are looking for a pair of new Waders, give Ollyskins a try.