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Washdown Protection

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The Ollyskins 3240 Hi-Viz Orange Waterproof Smock is an essential garment for anyone working in rugged environments where protection from the wind and water is vital.This smock is certified to EN ISO20471:2013 Class 3 Hi-Visibility and is produced in a tough waterproof PVC fabric.Features include: Generous sizing so that it the smock can be worn over the top of other garments.Three-part [...]
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Ollyskins Hi-Viz Waterproof Bib Trousers
Looking for professional and rugged Hi-Viz Waterproof Trousers? Take a look at the Ollyskins 3248 Hi-Viz Orange Waterproof Bib Trousers - CE certified to the Hi-Vizibility standard EN ISO 20471 and produced for professionals working in washdown areas or aggressive working environments where protection from Wind and Water is essential.
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Ollyskins at Hillhead Show
Hillhead & Ollyskins – Leading Manufacturer of Waterproof Protective Garments Hillhead was the perfect opportunity for Ollyskins, a leading manufacturer of waterproof protective garments, to display existing products and a range of new innnovations for the contruction indusry. The Hillhead Quarry, Construction and Recycling exhibition is held near Buxton, Derbyshire. Ollyskins develops products targeting [...]
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Why choose the Ollyskins Brand?
High Quality Waterproof Clothing We’re often asked how our garments compare alongside other brands in the market such as Ocean, Elka, Dunlop or VASS Waders.‎ The Ollyskins Brand is enjoying a growing reputation for High Quality Waterproof Clothing with a particular emphasis on the PVC Waders we produce for Fishing and Industrial workers. A little about the fabrics [...]
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REACH Compliant PVC Fabrics
Garments that are made from PVC need conform to specific European regulations and as part of Ollyskins commitment to quality, we use reputable suppliers with traceable supply chains to ensure that this is adhered to. All our fabrics are REACH compliant according the European Regulations. This applies to PVC, Phthalate Free PVC or even Non-PVC fabrics). Phthalates [...]
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