Neoprene Waders for Emergency Services

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Neoprene Waders for Emergency Services
Rescue & EMS Waders

Neoprene Waders - the Ultimate in Warmth for Emergency Services

Ollyskins have produced Waders for Rescue Services and other Emergency Services providers and we are exploring ways we can offer Neoprene and its unique Thermal and Waterproof properties, in both garments and products to these industry sectors.

Neoprene Waders from Ollyskins are the ultimate in warmth, for those cold months or when working in or with water.

Neoprene Garment Ideas

With integrated boots, some examples of garments we can produce in Neoprene include:

  • Neoprene Chest Waders - perfect for applications where Drysuits are not required, equipment washdown.
  • Thigh Waders - for low level water use, or equipment washdown.
  • Washdown Bib-Trousers - for Machine and Equipment cleaning.

Wader Foot Options include:

  • Boot Foot options - Safety or Non-Safety Wellington
  • Stockingfoot - 4mm Neoprene Stockingfoot - 

Other Neoprene Thermal Items:

  • Waterproof Protective Neoprene Covers - the 5mm thickness of Neoprene makes it ideal for protecting valuable equipment with some additional impact resistance.
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About Ollyskins Emergency Services Neoprene Waders

Uppers - using NEO5, the Ollyskins 5mm Neoprene, and colours and designs aligned with the Emergency Services sector we can create a great Wader for your Unit. Typical colour combination would be Black Lower, Red Upper and the use of Segmented Yellow/Silver Reflective Tape.

Seams - the SeamDRY seams are stitch free and will provide waterproof protection to the wearers.

Wear Areas - areas subject to additional wear and tear can have an additional layer of KannerTex™ abrasion resistant material to reinforce the garment. These materials are heat applied and have typically been very expensive, but after several years experience we have developed a more economical version which allows us to use more of it within a garment without significantly affecting the price

Foot Options

As mentioned earlier in this post, whilst Wellingtons are the original option for Ollyskins we have now also developed a Stockingfoot. If a Wellingtons is the chosen option, then these are Polyurethane which is lightweight and resistant to cracking over time. The soles are also available with either a standard PU/TPU sole, or the well-known italian Vibram brand of rubber sole.

Stockingfoots on the other hand allow the Wader to then be worn with your standard footwear.

Alternative fabric to Neoprene

Ollyskins have also produced a Butyl Trilaminate Chest Wader for a Flood Rescue Team in the same colour combinations and a stockingfoot, and where additional Thermal protection is required, the use of the Ollyskins 7868 Thermal Liner can be used.

Reach out to Ollyskins at to discuss seeing a sample product or how we can adapt these to your requirements or colourways.