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Bass Angling Waders, Sea Fishing Waders
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Developing a tough Bass Fishing Chest Wader

Sea Fishing for Bass can be tough on your waders and cold on your feet.

Listening to the Wearers for feedback

We've recently been experimenting with the Ollyskins Butyl Trimaliminate fabrics to create Chest Waders for a Bass Angler that would keep him warm and be extremely durable.

Many Waders have unlined Wellingtons and fabrics that are simply not durable enough.

Using the standard Ollyskins pattern and some adaptations to the design, we created a Chest Wader using our TR540C: 540gms Cordura® Butyl Ribbed Trilaminate fabric. This fabric is the toughest in the range and perfect to protect your Waders from sharp rocks or damage caused reaching your angling destination.

Neoprene Lined Wellington for Chest Waders

In addition, we used the Grubs Neoprene Lined Wellington to ensure the wearers feet keep warm whilst standing for long periods of time or in cold sea water.

Whilst the Grubs Wellington features a protective toecap and midsole, both of these are non-metallic. The protective toecap, heel reinforcement, scuff cap and overall design of the wellington is very sturdy and lends itself well to the needs of this Wader.

Wader Features

The Waders feature an internal chest pocket with zipper to keep items such as keys and your phone secure, and an external pocket with zipper for smaller items. And the slightly padded enclosed kneepads provide some additional protection to the knee area primarily to protect the fabric for damage when kneeling.

Reparing Butyl Bass Fishing Waders

Butyl Waders are probably the easiest Waders to repair as the fabric is tough and should you be unfortunate enough to damage them, there are various repair materials available to give them some extra life.