Which Waders are best for Summer?

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Which Waders are best for Summer?

Which Waders are best for Summer?

We're writing here in April, and as the weather begins to warm in the UK, we are asked again for lighterweight Waders for use in the summer months.

PVC Waders have traditionally been at the core of the Ollyskins range as they offer value for money and are very resistant to abrasion and punctures. Whilst the fabrics are very water resistant, they are not particulary breathable. That said, they remain the best selling Wader fabric in our collection and will continue to do so, due to the price point being attractive to wearers and company buyers.

For the Angling sector, PVC is the fabric we currently offer in all our Angling Waders. For Industrial Waders, you can continue to read on to find out more.

Neoprene Waders are totally unsurpassed for warmth in the winter months and offer excellent water resistance and protection in rivers and waterways. The 5mm neoprene offers comfort to the wearer and we are able to offer additional features including abrasion resistant kneepads, bespoke sizing and options for the safety wellingtons.

Launching soon in 2023 is a new fabric development that is as tough as Neoprene, and excellent for puncture resistance, yet with the lightness of a PVC Wader. Subscribe to our updates to stay in touch regarding this new product lauch.