Ollyskins XT700 PVC Waterproof Fabric

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Ollyskins XT700 PVC Waterproof Fabric
Industrial Wading

PVC Waterproof Fabrics with polyester backings provide protection from the elements with the guarantee of superb comfort and flexibility when worn for extended periods of time. They are naturally flexible and can withstand extremes of temperatures without becoming brittle or uncomfortable to wear.

PVC fabrics are used in our Wader and Workwear garments and are available in a range of Weights (from 250gms to 1100gms), PVC Thicknesses (to provide more puncture resistance), Colour and Handle (Softness)These fabrics including the XT700 are popular for Angling and Industrial work environments and are used extensively in the Ollyskins Wader Collection. 

Such products include the popular Ollyskins 2788 wader. For further details or technical specifications please contact the Ollyskins sales department on sales@ollyskins.com...

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