Ollyskins 1228 Premium Wading Belt

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Ollyskins 1228 Premium Wading Belt
Industrial Wading

Safety in Water 

A Wading Belt is no mere accessory, it is an essential piece of kit, and in the worst possible scenario could make the difference between life and death. If you are a regular worker in Water, we think it is an important and low-cost accessory for every Wader wearer to reduce water intake should you go under and need to swim. 

Of course, a Wading Belt makes wading more comfortable by keeping your legs and waist dry, preventing excessive fabric build-up around the waist (that can happen with incorrectly sized Waders) and allowing for more freedom of movement. But by keeping the water from your waders and trapping air to increase buoyancy it ensures wading is safe as well as comfortable, by making swimming and your exit from the water easier.  

A Premium Wading Belt

The Ollyskins 1228 Premium Wading Belt can also double as a utility belt to carry tools and equipment and includes 2 x D loops. It has been shown that carrying equipment around the hip area rather than your back and shoulders leads to less fatigue, and this added lumbar support will increase your stamina for a longer day’s enjoyable work. As far as the back is concerned, in the long term, comfort is safety. 

Made of virtually indestructible Neoprene with added back support and a 3D mesh inner the Ollyskins 1228 Premium Wading Belt is the finest quality, most comfortable and durable wader belt on the market. 

Available in Green, Black, Hi-Viz orange and Hi-Viz Yellow the belt is fully adjustable with Tri-Glide buckles both sides, fits waist sizes from 32”to 50” and benefits from a YKK front snaplock buckle. 

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