Rubber Waders

Rubber Waders from old Car Tyres

Tough Rubber Waders or modern Double Layered PVC 1000gms Fabrics?

One of the first producers of waders made their original garments from old car tyres in an effort to make a garment that was not only waterproof but tough and resilient to punctures and abrasion. These would clearly have been genuine rubber waders although we can easily imagine that they were extremely uncomfortable to wear and very unlikely to fit around the contours of the body.

The term 'Rubber Waders' is often therefore used in relation to tough waders although they are seldom made from genuine rubber compounds but more often from PVC based fabrics. The Ollyskins 2880 Ultra Chest Wader features a fabric that weighs in at over 1000gms per square metre and is a PVC outer on a tough polyester backing. This creates a fabric that is resistant to punctures and tears. In order to achieve maximum durability, we then also double layer this fabric around 90% of the leg width (only stopping at the point where we need to create a seam).

The addition of modern plasticizers ensures that the fabric is extremely supply to wear. The result is a chest wader that is as tough as you will achieve without compromising on comfort. We then bond to the bottom our S5 Safety Wellington with a Steel Toecap and Midsole for total protection.

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