Youths Waders

Waders for Youths and Slimmer Adults

Ollyskins Youth Fit Chest Waders are a shorter and slimmer fit designed for Teenagers or the slimmer adult. If you require any assistance in choosing your Wader size, just contact our Customer Service Team on the Chat button and we can assist you further.

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Kate Rivers Ollyskins Ladies Chest Waders

Ollyskins 2788 XT700 PETITE LADIES PVC Carp Angling Wader (Boot Sizes 4, 5, 6, Petite Upper)

€114,92 EUR
Premium 2788 PVC Chest Angling Wader designed for Shorter Women. Professional 2788 PVC Chest Waders in smaller fit and smaller boot sizes. Produced in the robust XT700 fabric with high frequency welded seams, orange elastic...
Harry Hollidge Youths Chest Waders

Ollyskins 2788 XT700 YOUTHS PVC Carp Angling Chest Wader (Slimmer/Shorter Fit)

€114,92 EUR
Professional 2560 YOUTHS PVC Angling Chest Waders from Ollyskins in slimmer and shorter fits. Professional PVC Angling Chest Waders in slimmer fit, designed for Teenagers or the slimmer adult. Produced in the...