Ollyskins 2880 Ultra PVC Chest Wader is our toughest wader yet.

The Ultra PVC Chest Waders features:

  • 1000gms, double layered fabric around 80% of the leg width.
  • New Generation heavy duty PVC fabric with natural Oil Resistance.
  • A ribbed shin on the wellingoton for increased metatarsal protection.
  • High frequency welded seams ensuring durability.
  • The waders have adjustable elastic fastening straps and a pull chord waist for added comfort and better fit.

The Safety Wellingtons are made with Steel Toecaps and Midsoles. Additionally, the cleated soles are compatible with the Ollyskins Tungsten Carbide Studs which you can apply for extra grip. The robust soles are also resistant to oils, fats, acids, and organic solvents.

Combining all of these features ensures maximum protection and longevity. Perfect for anyone working in the Industrial and Environmental sectors.