Seamless Baselayer – wear once, wear forever

New generation seamless baselayer garments for ultimate warmth & comfort

Baselayer for Intensive Conditions

Seamless Baselayer is high-tech, functional Thermo-active baselayer from Brubeck. It is used to maintain a comfortable ‘body micro-climate’ for workers in intensive conditions. In periods of any high physical activity it protects the wearer from over-heating, and in times of rest, the body’s temperature is maintained at its natural level. Body moisture is quickly removed from the skin, adding further to the feeling of freshness and comfort.

Extremely Breathable & Comfortable

Seamless Baselayer underwear, balaclavas and beanies are made using seamless technology resulting in a two-layer, extremely breathable fabric. The inner hydrophobic polyester layer repels moisture and heat to the outer hydrophilic layer, made of polyamide – this technical construction protects the body against excess heating or cooling. The combination of strong polyester fibres with flexible polyamide fibres ensures outstanding fit, durability and pilling performance. The clothing provides great protection against abrasion and unfavourable external factors. In addition to these features, the fabric also has bacteriostatic properties to stop the build-up of any unwanted body odours.

Angling & Industrial Activities

Ollyskins retail the Brubeck baselayer for use in all industrial environments and sporting activities including Angling. Some of our properties including balaclavas and beanies have been particularly popular for rail, road and construction site workers, or anyone exposed to the elements.

Wear Once, Wear Forever!

Once you have experienced the comfort of Seamless Baselayer Garments, we can virtually guarantee that you will not be without it again! Even for the warmer months these garments perform well under any garments and for any work environments including the office.

Seamless Baselayer – How it Works

The perfect combination for Ollyskins Waterproof PVC clothing

Whilst we’d love to claim that PVC was a breathable fabric, as a general rule it isn’t. However, it offers other outstanding properties including Abrasion, Puncture, Tear and Waterproof Resistance and these properties create a finished garment that is suitable for the most robust working environments.

Other technical fabrics, including multi-layered fabrics and nylons, may be lightweight and claim higher levels of breathability, yet fail to withstand harsh working conditions, quickly puncturing and lead to a short lifespan.

Providing Maximum Wear-Time

To ensure maximum wear time with the Ollyskins PVC Waterproof Garments and Chest Waders, we recommend the use of Seamless Baselayer Garments. These garments provide the necessary Thermo Warmth needed, and wick body moisture away from the skin.

Many wearers consider baselayer as old-fashioned ‘pyjama type’ garments, but with modern technology, these close fitting Brubeck garments offer real, tangible benefits for anyone working outdoors.