Why wear incomplete PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like these guys with inadequate protection? Find out more about the addition of these new PVC Fluorescent Waders to the Ollyskins product range.

Model: 2620 Thigh Waders

Bright Yellow PVC Fluorescent Waders featuring S5 safety Wellingtons and a steel Midsole.

The Perfect Solution

The Ollyskins 2620 Safety Thigh PVC Fluorescent Waders are the perfect solution where additional waterproof protection is required over and above wellington boots whilst maximising the vizibility of the wearer.

Featuring the usual features that wearers have come to expect from Ollyskins including the reinforced knees, these Waders are becoming increasingly popular with Councils, River and Marine Contractors particuarly where there is a risk of infections from water borne diseases. These thigh waders are also available to order as Chest PVC Waders.

Hi-Vizibility or not Hi-Vizibility

Please note that whilst these PVC Fluorescent Waders feature a fabric that is Flourescent Yellow, these Waders are not certified or CE marked to the European Norm for Hi-Vizibility – EN ISO20471 or EN471. However, they do ensure that should an employee add Chest or Thigh Waders to their protective clothing when in areas of low light or in areas where Hi-Viz garments are required, they are going to be more visible than if they are wearing traditional black or green Waders.

About Ollyskins

Ollyskins are a specialist manufacturer of Waders and Waterproof garments for workers in tough and extreme environments. By using modern production facilities and advanced seam welding technologies we ensure that the garments we produce offer the maximum protection in the fabrics utilized.

Carefully Designed Garments

In addition to this, we ensure that each garment offers features and benefits that are appreciated by the wearers and continue to ensure that Ollyskins is the Number 1 choice for Industrial Workers. We carefully select the fabrics for the garments we produce including the consideration of the outer PVC layer and the inner cotton of polyester layer to ensure a garment is created that is tough yet comfortable.

Specify Ollyskins

For your next purchase of PVC Waders, ensure that your choose Ollyskins. You can also find out more about the importance of ensuring the right protection for your workers in dirty waters by reading articles such as this example published by tuc.org.uk – Click to Read