Brexit Statement

The term ‘Brexit’ has now become known as the decision has been made by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. This means that like all other businesses operating in the UK, we must prepare for the changes this decision may lead us to. We have put different measures in place to ensure the best outcome for the business and our customers as we transition into ‘Brexit’

We have spent time reviewing what Brexit means for our company and we have been looking into every aspect of what we may have to change throughout the upcoming months.

We have been looking into the areas of which we import and export goods out of the United Kingdom and we are putting measures in place to ensure that our stock and any deliveries to customers will not be disrupted.

As KAT Europe’s business is evolving and growing, we are seeing more and more business opportunities that will be unaffected by Brexit and we strive to continue growing the business we have become. We remain prepared for each and every Brexit scenario that will come our way, but we are staying optimistic with what we have been putting in place already.