Working Safely in Flood Waters

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We sadly see an increasing amount of news articles regarding flooding in the world around us, and the devastating impact it has on communities and individuals.

Whilst the Emergency Services can usually be relied on to deal effectively with situations where life is at risk, for many home and business owners there are always clean-up operations to be done in the aftermath of flooding. Often this is carried out with the support of voluntary groups, the local community and the flood victims themselves.

Flood Waters is rarely clean water and we should be reminded that protection from contaminated flood water should be ensured by wearing of suitable protective clothing.

Wellingtons offer protection to the lower part of the leg, whilst Thigh Waders and Chest Waders can offer additional height protection where required.

Always wear waders with care and take necessary precautions. Here are a few tips for Flood Water working:

  • NEVER work in water that you cannot be sure of the depth.
  • Wear suitable flotation devices for additional safety.
  • Work alongside other colleagues where possible.
  • Clean up your clothing after use using clean water and allow to dry.
  • Ensure there is not any electrical equipment in the nearby area that has been damaged.

Always consult with your team leader or experts if in doubt.