Tungsten Wader Studs – for Better Grip

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Tungsten Carbide Studs are an essential accessory for increased ground traction in a range of work environments and including Angling, River Workers and Flood Rescue.

Slips and Trips are the biggest hazard in industry and where Waders are worn in wet work areas, we recommend the use of Studs. Tungsten Carbide Boot Studs are easily installed to the soles of most industrial footwear, Chest Waders and Thigh Waders and are a simple and fast way to reduce the risk of injuries.

Using the Stud Tool, they are also removable avoiding the need to replace them every time your update your Waders or Footwear.

Manufactured by a leading tyre stud producer, Ollyskins Studs feature a tungsten carbide tip that is extremely resilient to wear whilst maintaining the ability to ‘scratch’ hard surfaces to secure a firm grip.

Available as Single Studs or as a 20pcs Kit depending on your requirement. The Ollyskins Mini-Stud Tool is recommended for correct installation and removal as the depth of the socket is shallower than a normal socket.