Repairing Your Waders

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Over time, waders can be susceptible to wear and tear. If you're not looking to replace your waders, we have the perfect products and tips that will allow you to repair your waders with minimal cost.

Instant Repair Patches for PVC Waders

The Ollyskins 1210 Instant Waterproof Repair Patches - an essential for any fishing tool box - are supplied in packs of two. The Repair Patches are highly effective and abrasion resistant, as well as washable and flexible. For easy application on your PVC Waders, simply remove the backing from the patch and apply over the damaged area, no adhesive required.

Repair Tape for PVC Waders

The Ollyskins 1212 Tufftape Repair Tape is an alternative to the repair patches and great for larger areas of damage. Measuring 50cm x 75mm, the clear tape is highly effective, abrasion resistant and easily applied. Cut out out the shape and size you need, peel off the backing and press firmly onto the surface. In addition to repairing your Waders, this tape is an amazing product for repairing many waterproof items including those leaks on your paddling pool!

Neoprene Wader Repair Kits

For general damage/punctures to your Neoprene Waders, such as the 2910 and the 2928 5mm Neoprene Chest Waders, the Neoprene Repair Kit, is an easy way to repair any damage. These repair kits include some Aquasure Adhesive, 3mm Neoprene Repair patches and some Seamseal Tape. As at November 2021 we have recently updated the contents of the Neoprene Repair Kit so please check on the product page for details of what's included.


One feature about Ollyskins Waders that increases the longevity of your garment is the ability to replace the Elastic Braces on the Waders. Many Waders have braces that are sewn on at the back, with just one set of buckles at the front. Ollyskins Waders have fully removable elastic braces allowing you to remove them for cleaning or when you have a damaged buckle. Take a look at our Ollyskins 1216 Replacement Plastic Buckles and the Ollyskins 1218 Elastic Braces. Both use genuine ITW Nexus buckles, ensuring a long life and a precise click fastening.