Fly Fishing with Ollyskins 2788 Chest Waders

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A recent fly fishing wearer of the Ollyskins 2788 kindly sent us in this short post appraising the Ollyskins Waders. We're glad to share it here: Find us on Facebook: Discover the features of the Ollyskins 2788 Chest Wader on this website a HERE. Having been an angler for various species for over 20 years, you accumulate a lot of experience in different aspects of the sport. Fly fishing, arguably one of the most artistic forms of fishing, sees the angler travel fairly lightly equipped, in search of his sought after quarry. May you be travelling along a small stream in the highlands of Scotland, or wading into the deep pools of the River Moy in Ireland, fly fishing offers some of the most scenic yet challenging strolls through rock pools, or if you’re lucky enough, deeper stretches of river, which in most cases offer greater rewards in terms of holding fish. Over the last decade, I have been concentrating a lot of my time targeting specimen carp, from waters all over Ireland, So it was a very refreshing break when my uncle John, invited down to his cottage in County Mayo for a few days Salmon Angling near Foxford. Having dusted off my equipment, I noticed a rather large amount of pin holes in my old chest waders, it seemed Mr Mouse had invited his family into his new home, and they grew very fond of my rather expensive waders. After an extensive search online, for a set of chest waders that I needed to demand with the challenging obstacles on such a prolific water, my attention immediately arose to the Ollyskins 2788 Premium Fishing Wader.  I travel light when I’m fly fishing - a small lightweight rod, a waistcoat and a landing net. I like to walk for miles in search of hidden untouched pools, so comfort is absolutely essential when choosing my footwear.

Leagues above anything else used before

I can genuinely say, these Chest Waders are leagues above anything that I’ve ever used before. I’m actually surprised at their price tag, considering there are inferior  quality boots that can be double the price of the 2788 Premium Fishing Wader. As I unboxed my new toy, I could immediately feel the build quality of these boots, solid , sturdy and the guarantee of the 101% Waterproof Disclaimer on the front of the box , I immediately realized, that I’ve discovered a hidden gem in Ollyskins. And certainly recommend you to visit their website to see for yourself. I’m so impressed with the 2788 Premium Chest Waders from Ollyskins, and these will feature extensively on my current syndicate water - carp fishing, that this item is arguably one of the most essential items of kit that we use in today’s sport. Be it releasing the fish safely into the water after a capture, or reaching those extra yards on your cast, clearing patches of weed in the margins, or baiting up hidden spots by the discerning angler – Ollyskins have got you covered. World Class Protection. Andrew Currie Owner of Hybrid Tackle