Flood Waters can cause Infection & Diseases

Protect against Waterborne Infection

Recent flooding in the United Kingdom highlights again the need to protect yourself, family and employees from flood water infections & diseases using the correct protective clothing.

Waterborne infection and diseases are rife in flood waters and it's important to protect yourself and your workers from hazards using the correct Personal Protective Equipment.

The Risks

Devastating floods as we see on The Independant & The British Red Cross today, demonstrate to us the power of nature and the risk and impact to human life. These waters can often carry water borne diseases that are caused by parasites, bacteria and viruses and are in the animals that habit these areas such as rats. Skin conditions and dermatitis can also be caused for a worker in damp environments or exposure to water.

Thigh or Chest Waders

Ollyskins Waders are the perfect and cost effective solution as an improvement to the often ‘standard issue’ of Wellington Boots. By offering higher leg protection or even Chest Waders, the risk of exposure to these hazards is reduced.

Correct Products & Risk Assessments

Used by Councils, Local Authorities, Water Boards and Contractors across the UK and Europe, the PVC fabric protects and resists whilst being flexible to work in. Available from stock in a choice of Chest or Thigh Waders there is a wader to suit your requirement. It should be noted however, that the Ollyskins Waders and Waterproof garments are not certified to any European Standard for hazard protection and if a specific level of protection is required, this should be discussed with your Health & Safety Officer responsible for conducting your organisations Risk Assessments. Further information regarding such hazards can be found by online from websites such as the TUC who have an article on this subject - to view click HERE

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