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The Ollyskins 3240 Hi-Viz Orange Waterproof Smock is an essential garment for anyone working in rugged environments where protection from the wind and water is vital.This smock is certified to EN ISO20471:2013 Class 3 Hi-Visibility and is produced in a tough waterproof PVC fabric.Features include: Generous sizing so that it the smock can be worn over the top of other garments.Three-part [...]
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Ollyskins 1228 Premium Wading Belt
A Wading Belt is no mere accessory, it is an essential piece of kit, and in the worst possible scenario could make the difference for safety in water. If you are a regular worker in water, we think it is an important and low-cost accessory for every Wader wearer to reduce water intake should you go under and need to swim.
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Ollyskins Hi-Viz Waterproof Bib Trousers
Looking for professional and rugged Hi-Viz Waterproof Trousers? Take a look at the Ollyskins 3248 Hi-Viz Orange Waterproof Bib Trousers - CE certified to the Hi-Vizibility standard EN ISO 20471 and produced for professionals working in washdown areas or aggressive working environments where protection from Wind and Water is essential.
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