Neoprene S5 Safety Thigh and Chest Waders now available. Superb Winter Warmth.


Posted by Marta on 29th Jul 2020

Measuring yourself for Bespoke Chest Waders

OLLYSKINS® offer a Bespoke Chest Wader manufacturing service on some of the PVC Chest Waders in the product range. These are generally required for the shorter, taller, thinner or stockier wearers.

We currently offer this service on the following models and there is a 75% surcharge to the normal price:

  • OLLYSKINS® 2788 Angling Chest Wader (non-safety toe Wellington Boot). Different Boot style to the standard model, otherwise the same.
  • OLLYSKINS® 2640 Hi-Viz Chest Wader (S5 Safety Toe Wellington Boot). Specification as per the standard-sized model.

Where to start:

We recommend that if you are considering purchasing these Bespoke Waders that you first try on (if possible) a pair of our regular sizes as this will give you an indication where you will need to adjust the fit.

There are 3 key measurements we refer to when creating Bespoke Chest Waders/Made to Measure Chest Waders.

NOTE: It is important to note that these are GARMENT Measurements – NOT your body measurements. This is why we recommend you calculate these measurements from another garment or Wader you might have as this will then give you an indication of the normal allowances that Waders have to allow for freedom of movement.

3 Key Measurements for Bespoke Waders:

  1. Height: From the floor to the top of the Wader
  2. Chest Width (Flat): The width of the Chest, from left to right, when laid flat on the floor (not the circumference)
  3. Inside Leg: From the floor to the Crotch

Ask a colleague to help you make these measurements, double-check them, and then submit them on the order form on the OLLYSKINS® website HERE.

Lead Time

The lead time on Made to Measure Chest Waders is approx. 4-6 weeks.


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