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Experienced in manufacturing Protective Garments using Technical Textiles gives us the ability to create premium garments that are competitively priced, comfortable to wear and provide outstanding protection and durability.

Advantages of Neoprene

Neoprene, to many consumers is usually associated with Wetsuits and we’re often asked to clarify the properties it gives when used in the Ollyskins Chest Waders. Warmth One key property of Neoprene is the ability to keep the wearer warm. Produced using a foam inner with a laminated outer service, neoprene retains body heat which [...]

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Seamless Baselayer for Winter 2017-2018

Baselayer for Intensive Conditions Seamless Baselayer is high-tech, functional Thermo-active baselayer from Brubeck. It is used to maintain a comfortable 'body micro-climate' for workers in intensive conditions. In periods of any high physical activity it protects the wearer from over-heating, and in times of rest, the body’s temperature is maintained at its natural level. Body [...]

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Ollyskins 4640 PU Thermo Safety Wellington

Lightweight Polyurethane Wellingtons with Thermo Soles - Ready for Winter! BUY ONLINE     The 4640 PU S5 (Steel Toecap and Midsole) Wellington from Ollyskins was developed for use in a variety of workplaces including the Construction and Food Industry. A comfortable and practical safety boot with a stylish design that is complemented by [...]

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BigCarp Magazine & Ollyskins

BigCarp Magazine & Ollyskins Ollyskins was pleased to advertise in the September issue of BigCarp Magazine, featuring a full page advert showcasing the 2788 Premium Angling Chest Wader. Rob Maylin's premium magazine is celebrating over 250 issues this year and features many leading brands in the Carp scene (including Ollyskins of course!). You can view [...]

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Ollyskins Iconic Black & Orange Wader Box

First Impressions Count... At last! The Ollyskins range of Chest Waders are now packaged in their iconic black and orange printed wader box - perfect to enhance the retail value of the products. The sturdy boxes feature a plastic carry handle and new shipments of Waders will arrive ready to display. For further information, contact [...]

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Hi-Viz Chest Waders

Ollyskins are a manufacturer of premium quality Waterproof Clothing including an outstanding range of Chest Waders using fabrics including PVC and Neoprene.The Hi-Viz Chest Waders were designed specifically for the Construction and Rail market where traditional black or green garments do not give the visibility required for workers in low light conditions. Hi-Viz Chest Waders [...]

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Fly Fishing with Ollyskins 2788 Chest Waders

A recent fly fishing wearer of the Ollyskins 2788 kindly sent us in this short post appraising the Ollyskins Waders. We're glad to share it here: Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ollyskinswaders/ Discover the features of the Ollyskins 2788 Chest Wader on this website a HERE. Having been an angler for various species for over 20 [...]

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Ollyskins (Olly Skins) at the Lincolnshire Show 2016

Ollyskins (or Olly Skins as we are often called), a leading manufacturer of waterproof protective garments, are attending The Lincolnshire Show 2016, which will be held on June 22 and 23 at the Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln, UK. As a company dedicated to developing products for the agricultural and fishing industries, the Lincolnshire Show, which mainly [...]

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Why choose the Ollyskins Brand?

High Quality Waterproof Clothing We’re often asked how our garments compare alongside other brands in the market such as Ocean, Elka, Dunlop or VASS Waders.‎ The Ollyskins Brand is enjoying a growing reputation for High Quality Waterproof Clothing with a particular emphasis on the PVC Waders we produce for Fishing and Industrial workers. A little [...]

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REACH Compliant PVC Fabrics

Garments that are made from PVC need conform to specific European regulations and as part of Ollyskins commitment to quality, we use reputable suppliers with traceable supply chains to ensure that this is adhered to. All our fabrics are REACH compliant according the European Regulations. This applies to PVC, Phthalate Free PVC or even Non-PVC [...]

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