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Sharing the product from our brand on their Social Media.

Gaining expertise in the digital marketing world (something we all need to do now)

Being part of other exclusive and exiting co-branding activities with other innnovators in the market place.

Being part of angling and other fishing events as brand ambassadors – everyone likes fishing in Style.

People who have a passion for our brand and what we do.

Having at least 1000 followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Go for it – we will be waiting for you when you are there.

Committed, proactive and creative in your aesthetics and social media.

A personal promo code for you to share.

Rewards in exchange for the use of promo codes.

Being part of collaborations and getting exclusive products from our collaborations and whatever other ideas we come up with in conjunction with our fans.

The benefit of the the Ollyskins brand to boost your own marketing strategy.

Why will you make a good Affiliate for Ollyskins? Also tell us if you represent any other brands.