Neoprene, to many consumers is usually associated with Wetsuits and we’re often asked to clarify the properties it gives when used in the Ollyskins Chest Waders.


One key property of Neoprene is the ability to keep the wearer warm. Produced using a foam inner with a laminated outer service, neoprene retains body heat which insulates the wearer whilst in water for long periods of time. This property of neoprene will out-perform all other fabrics used in wader production.

This is of interest to Anglers that fish from the water, particularly in the winter months. Industrial wearers where this would also be of interest would typically include river contractors, environmental agencies and fish farmers.

However, as may be expected, this property can also be detrimental during the summer months and cause heat buildup in the wearer. As such, we often find that wearers who regularly wear waders, will own both Neoprene and PVC/Breathable waders.


On donning a neoprene wader, a wearer will quickly notice the closeness of fit in comparison to a PVC or sometimes with a Breathable wader. In the use of Wetsuits, where the garment is very closely fitted, the neoprene is often regarded as a ‘second skin’.

This property allows significantly improved mobility for the wearer where freedom of movement is needed for the task in hand.


Neoprene is highly buoyant which can be considered as a safety feature for Industrial wearers or where waders are provided for company use.


Neoprene is a substantial material and comes in a variety of thicknesses from 3mm upwards. At Ollyskins we typically use 4mm or 5mm neoprene for our Chest Waders.

For areas on a garment including knee patches, where additional abrasion can be an issue we apply an additional layer of Abrasion resistant neoprene to improve the longevity of the garment. Other neoprene fabrics used include the AntiCut neoprene used in the Ollyskins 2910 Chest wader.


Some owners of Neoprene waders have claimed lifespans of up to 20 years as neoprene is easily repaired using instant bond adhesive and repair patches.